Awkward conversations

Jul 14, 2017

Anything on your summer schedule that makes your skin crawl? Maybe a class reunion? Or that wedding of your ex and his new beau? At times, we all find ourselves in less-than-pleasant conversations where the words fall like stones. So, to help you find your flow through awkward conversations, we’ve put together the resources below:

The icebreaker. Ever been stuck at the dreaded “cousins” table at a wedding? You know, the one wedged in the far off corner of the room, seated with complete strangers. It’s an introvert’s worst nightmare. Josh Barad for MindBodyGreen provides some assistance for how to navigate uncomfortable small talk with four easy tips – including how to be okay with silence.

Radio silence. If silence in a dialogue fills you with anxiety, this article is for you. In her story for Time, Vanessa Van Edwards walks readers through simple ways to keep conversations lively and meaningful.

At work. Our day-to-day interactions at the office present a variety of opportunities to express an opinion or make a recommendation based on our best thinking – even if it means it might not be popular. Jae Ellard, author of the Mindful Life book series, writes How to (Mindfully) Have an Awkward Conversation at Work, suggesting three tools to artfully address tough situations in the workplace.

Compassion practice. Sometimes overcoming an awkward conversation can be as simple as remembering that we are all human, and all connected. Meditation practice can help you tap into this feeling in the moment. In this 7-minute guided meditation, Lama Tsomo walks listeners through the practice of sending and receiving compassion for themselves and others.