20 June Webinar: The Power of Play Join us June 20 at 6pm MT (8pm Eastern) for a FREE webinar exploring the benefits of play and ways to cultivate more of it in your life. Read More Visit Link

Adulting got you down? Let's play!
Summertime is here and that can only mean one thing - an abundance of unstructured downtime to just hang out and play. Sound overwhelming? For many, stepping away from the to-dos and unplugging for any amount of time can cause more stress than looming deadlines. Yet play is a vital part of our lives-for both adults and children because it allows us to let go and be in the moment. Play is one of the ultimate forms of generating creative inspiration. It can actually help you accomplish more while becoming a more fun, relaxed human in the process!

18 May Attitude of Gratitude Webinar Join Lama Tsomo and our friends at Namchak for this FREE webinar at 6pm MT (8pm Eastern).
Attitude of Gratitude: Practice in Challenging Times
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Cultivating gratitude in challenging times
Conjuring gratitude for the people and things we cherish can often be easy. There are myriad reasons to feel and give thanks to our family, friends, and loved ones. Perhaps more complex, however, is extending gratitude to those who have hurt or wronged us. Sometimes it takes time, perspective and new awareness to feel the gratitude for life’s challenges.
Please join Lama Tsomo on May 18 for a free webinar offering tools and insight to support you in experiencing gratitude for everything- even the tough stuff!

13 April Spring Renewal Webinar Please join our friends at Namchak at 6pm MT (8pm Eastern) on April 13th for a FREE thirty minute webinar:
Spring Renewal: How the Path to Renewal is Paved by Self-Kindness
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Participants will explore:
-5 steps of self-kindness to renew and revive
-A meditative practice to deepen loving kindness
-Tips for expanding your daily experience of kindness
You'll also have the opportunity for Q&A where you will receive support and feedback on incorporating kindness into your daily life!