It’s tax time

Apr 12, 2017

While financial concerns can cause stress at any time of the year, the season surrounding the deadline to file taxes (this year, April 18th) is particularly stressful for many. In light of that looming deadline, we have gathered a series of articles with tips for managing negative emotions connected to finances, and for proactively addressing financial health as a component of your overall well-being.


Number One Stressor As Stanford Psychologist Dr. Megan Jones points out, money is the number-one cause of stress for Americans this year–making it the leading stressor for Americans for the last seven years, according to an American Psychological Association report. In her article for Inc., Jones discusses the concerns that surround the dreaded Tax Day and provides “5 Tips to Cope With Tax-Season Stress.”

Health Check For Your Finances Given the prevalence of financial stress, improving financial health can be an important part of improving overall well-being. There is no shortage of financial advice out there, but the Forbes Finance Council provides one simple and concise list of “Nine Often-Overlooked Habits That Will Improve Your Financial Health.”

What About Meditation FOR Financial Professionals? The Chartered Financial Analyst Institute carefully selected tax season for the launch of their new Meditation Guide for Investment Professionals. Given that finances are so stressful for Americans, the stress felt by those in the financial industry can be even more severe than for the average person. Read the CFA Institute’s Press Release, explaining their new eMindful-based meditation guide.

Do You Have Three Minutes? Nina Smiley, who wrote The Three Minute Meditator, managed to master her own meditation skills in the midst of working at a high-stress Washington, D.C. firm. Whether your environment is similarly stressful or a bit mellower, you might find this article by Melissa Gelula helpful. Co-founder and editorial director of Well+Good, Gelula provides three specific, short meditations from Dr. Smiley herself.