How to make the most of your summer break

Jul 06, 2017

Summertime is here – which means camping, road trips, and picnics at the beach. We have put together the following resources to help you maximize your downtime this summer:


Summer reads. Nothing says summer like a good book on the beach. The staff at Mindful magazine has your summer reading list covered in 7 Mindful Books Worth Reading This Month. They even threw in a few podcasts for the road-trip crew.

Vacation day myths. PTO – those coveted three letters that stand for paid time off are a sure sign you have obtained an adult job. The year is now half-way over, and if you are like many Americans you have yet to take advantage of any vacation time for fear of falling behind or being overlooked for a promotion. Writers from Real Simple Magazine provide compelling reasons to book your leave time now in the article Why You Need to Take More Vacation Time.

Beach Dharma bum. Planning a trip to the ocean? Use your seaside experience as an opportunity for practice. Reporter David Gelles of the New York Times walks readers through a simple mindfulness exercise in his article How to Be Mindful at the Beach.

Traveling with family. Some of our fondest childhood memories are of summer vacations with the whole family, but how does one navigate traveling with a pack skillfully? Author Garth Sundem of Brain Trust has you covered in 17 Tips for a Mindful Family Vacation.