Quiet the mind with minimalism

Jun 23, 2017

A hot topic in the blogosphere these days, minimalism tutorials and transformations abound. At its essence, minimalism urges people to break the addiction to “stuff” and find happiness in the absence of excess. The resources below offer an array of takes on incorporating minimalism into your world.

Simplify, simplify. Hanna Pumfrey, contributor to MindBodyGreen, tells how minimalism was the key to helping calm her anxiety by quieting her mind and revealing her true identity. “Once you start to differentiate between what is necessary and what’s not, you realize that a lot of what causes you stress and anxiety is simply putting your energy into things you don’t genuinely believe in.”

Shifting perspective. At age 35, Author Fumio Sasaki traded in his wealthy lifestyle in Tokyo for a more humble lifestyle, giving away nearly all of his possessions. In an interview with Mindful magazine, Sasaki explains how letting go of materials created a luxurious spaciousness in his mind. The more he let go, the more he was able to take in. “It’s like breathing in during yoga: you can only inhale as much as you exhale.”

Having less, doing more. Perhaps the best barometer for how possessions are affecting your life is your happiness quota. How do you feel while online shopping? How much enjoyment do you seek after major purchases? Josh Sanburn writes “Minimalist Living: When a Lot Less Is More” for Time emphasizing the common minimalist narrative that possessions don’t make us happy, experience does.

Need a hug? Meet the Minimalists. Friends Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus left their corporate day jobs in search of a simpler life in rural Montana – and they couldn’t be happier. You can follow Millburn and Nicodemus’s journey on their blog or check out their feature length documentary to get a firsthand look at how a minimalist lifestyle can make all the difference.

Finding your true essence. One of the most attractive benefits of minimalism is that it helps clear away the clutter, allowing you to get in touch with your inner voice and reconnect with core values. In this way, meditation and minimalism go hand in hand. Let Lama Tsomo guide you through this simple 5 minute meditation meant to help quiet the mind and refocus awareness.